Anaconda is a RainWing (Wings of Fire) that is typically shades of blue and green, but can change her scales according to her mood. She is also Ryan, the Tinkerer's best friend.


Natural Defenses Edit

Anaconda can shoot strange venom that will most likely kill the target (it only works on living things) but can sometimes leave them alive. If it gets into the bloodstream or eyes, the target will be killed without question. She also has sharper claws than most dragons.

Although Kaine nearly died when he got venom in his eyes, it barely works against him, Miguel, and Spider-Venom. All of them made armor to protect from this venom.

Backstory Edit

Anaconda was trained as a soldier in Queen Glory's army, but never saw action. Anaconda met up with Icicle after the war, and they had, and continue to have, many adventures together. They still do, in the human's dimension, along with Ryan. She met Ryan after experimenting with Icicle on some things, Icicle becoming fused with Ryan, and Anaconda remaining unscathed. She grew to like Ryan, and started to consider him Icicle's alter ego. She followed Ryan to the pizzeria one night, and grew to like the place. She doesn't like the old animatronics all that much, and is neutral to the new animatronics. She hides from the night guard under the chair, as she is cloaked. She only moves when there is an active fight in the office, or when the chair breaks.

2099 (Intercepted message to Ryan) Edit

Hey there Ryan, have you heard from Icicle? I've been wondering where he's at, and he's not at the Obelisks. Last time I saw him, he said he had to go prepare for something, and I haven't seen him since. I've sent messages to him, but he never answers them. I'm worried that he's dead, and Majin or Kaine got him. I think he'll need more defenses, I wonder if he could whisk something up like you would. If only he were here now. On other news, what happened with you and Kaine? Did he team up with Majin or something? By the way, thanks for this keyboard. It's much easier to type on. Anyways, I've seen evidence of them both hanging near the pizzeria. Wolfy's been with them. If only we could go back to when everything worked out, when Majin was only a small time threat... now he's able to wipe us all out.....

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