"I always knew there was something wrong with those things since '87..." Andrew


Andrew usually tends to wear fancy clothing to show his sense of style (suits, suit shirts and vests, etc.). He dyes his hair white, but there are small hints of brown in his hair as well. It is usually always smoothed back neatly. His eyes are usually red, but change color according to his mood (due to his demonic vampirism).

Species: Human, suffers from demonic vampirism

Gender: Male

Acquaintances: Emily Havenclaw, Laverne Apsengold, Hector Clemintine, Amanda Lizabeth, Mesa Augustine, Strawberry Augustine, and John Higgs

Strengths: Stronger than the average vampire, heals quickly, and CAN GO OUT IS SUNLIGHT.

Weaknesses: Due to suffering from demonic vampirism instead of normal vampirism, Holy Water and blessed weapons (Laverne's sword, Hellslayer) harm him more than it would a normal vampire.

Habits: He usually always wears a suit and he prefers to be called Drew.

Backstory Edit

Born in 1979, he used to go to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza when he was six and seven (1985-1986) with his (fake) father, Higher Demon Ibwa who killed Drew's real parents. Ibwa, or Issac Watson, took pity on the boy, and raised him on his own. Drew, by the time he was 15, had contracted dormant vampirism from Ibwa, who created the vampires. But, one fateful day, Ibwa was slain by Lavernes father, who in turn was murdered by Drew in blind revenge. Before Ibwa left his physical form to regenerate in Hell, he had a Lower Demon (Lower) mix DNA with Drew (so he could become a vampire but still walk in the sunlight), setting off the dormant vampirism, which mutated into demonic vampirism. He finally fully Turned at the age of seventeen (1996),and took very well. He had found out that he was going to become a vampire a year after Ibwa's physical form died. But, he was also a Hellbearer, someone who had demonic DNA inside their bloodstream (be it from birth or demonic lycanthropy and vampirism) and would be hunted by Hunters (Demonhunters). He is eventually attack by Laverne (2014), but escapes. They actually become wary friends and form the New Age Clerics with his other friends (Emily ((A fellow Hellbearer and Laverne's girlfriend)), Hector, (Amanda) Liz, (Mesa) August, Strawberry, and Higgs).

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