"Woah,I mutated and powers....interesting"

-With his new powers

Peter Parker (Earth-89721)

When he first got them

History Edit

It was the same as Ben up until he mutated further from his Spider DNA and evolved,turning into his more Spiderly form.

Powers Edit

  • Enhanced Wall-Crawling: Ben's wall crawling abilities were heightened even further, allowing him to stick to a surface with any part of his body, for example his back.
  • Enhanced Superhuman Strength: Ben's superhuman strength was enhanced as a result of his evolution,and getting 8 eyes. allowing him to lift over 90 tons when calm but then lift over 100 tons when angry.
  • Fugly Spider
    Enhanced Superhuman Durability, Speed, Agility, and Reflexes: Ben's durability, speed, agility, and reflexes were all enhanced even further as a result of his evolution, allowing him to run fast enough to chase an automobile, perform even greater feats of agility, and react much quicker than even before. Normally Raid would hurt him but now it can't,and when stabbed by a sword
  • Psychological Awareness of Environment: Perhaps as an upgrade to his spider-sense and his psychic alignment with arthropods, Ben received psychological awareness of his environment as a whole, allowing him to traverse across any environment without fear, even when blinded or in extremely dark conditions. Ben could ascertain non-threatening information, such as detecting the concealed presence of loved ones.
  • Night Vision: Ben received enhanced night vision as a part of his evolution by the Other, allowing him to see in pitch-black conditions.
    Mutated Spider

    When into monstrous aranchid

  • Vibration and Air Current Sense via Hair and webbing : Along with night vision, Ben gained superhuman sensitivity via touch, allowing the hairs on his body to sense air currents around him and vibrations via his webbing.
  • Enhanced Regenerative Healing Factor: Ben gained the ability to rapidly recover from severe injuries such as broken bones and large amounts of tissue damage almost instantly. Ambushed by the Rhino he received heavy bodily damage, only to heal before the issue was over without medical attention. Ben was heavily beaten and drugged, suffering multiple fractures and blood loss by the Jack O' Lantern and Jester yet was completely healed in a few minutes.
  • Hibernation Healing: Ben was able to come back from near death due to making a cocoon with his webbing, and hibernating with in it. He also shed his skin to heal, as most spiders due once in their life time.
  • Underwater Adaptation: Similar to a diving bell spider, Ben can wrap himself in a bell-shaped web held by the hairs on his legs and abdomen and collect oxygen from the surrounding water, which is exchanged with other gases such as carbon dioxide through osmosis, allowing him to survive underwater "indefinitely".
  • Talons and Fangs: Ben possesses elongated canine teeth that secrete a paralyzing, though fatal, venom. He also possesses long,curved, retractable talons at the tips of his fingers and toes that he uses to dig into surfaced, enabling him to crawl along them as a spider might. The talons are also razor sharp and, coupled with his great strength, are able to rend materials as durable as adamantium.
  • All Enhanced Powers: e.g his accelerated vision was enhanced to the point where he could use it as a boost to Spider-Sense,and he and dodge faster because he could "see faster than bullets and people"

The Other: When under pressure, Kaine transforms into a monstrous arachnoid controlled by the Other.

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