Hey guys! Ryan here! In my many adventures, I came across many different universes, and this story stands out from the rest. I'd like to share it with you guys. Maybe I could let you meet the guy, too!

Icicle, the dragon Edit

Icicle was a division commander in a war between 5 of the 7 races of dragons. He met assassins, queens, a king, and witnessed the battle of a lifetime. After the war, he met Anaconda, and they had many adventures together.

Abilities Edit

He can freeze people with his breath, can survive in subzero conditions, and can turn things into ice. Lately, he's been infused into Ryan, mixing their personalities, making them able to switch from one form to the other. Both Ryan and Icicle know how to infuse personalities, but they don't know how to get unfuse them afterwards.

Uhh, I think Ryan left this rather large keyboard for me here. Well, here's my story, I guess. (2099) ==WARNING, FILE CORRUPTED== Edit

It all started back in October 2014. Ryan met Kaine and Majin for the first time, when I was still bonded with him. We had some fights, we made up sometimes, but that all changed in late 2097. Ryan had just done something with the Antimatter that he said "Would make it 10x more powerful, and more... responsive and servile." Well, Kaine broke into the lab, and stole the upgrade that wasn't installed yet. Ryan became a lot more paranoid after that... I didn't recieve any messages from him until that day in 2099 when Majin found him. He told me about some secret.. I dunno what they were, because I think Majin found him when he was typing. I have found the Antimatter, and found Ryan's backup of the upgrade. Majin and I are, kinda at a stalemate. He can't find me, and we can both put eachother out of action if we were to meet. I haven't heard from Anaconda either, so I'm assuming Majin got to her too. If you're reading this, and you have made friends with me or Ryan in the past 2 years, follow these instructions. Go to Main, then Secondary. <a href="tel:3312047536">3312047536</a>. The passcode is <a href="tel:98745932591835081">98745932591835081</a>. Afterwards, go into the 39444032 and find Ryan somewhere. You know where to find me if you find Ryan.

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