"I can fix this easily,but I don't know why I can fix it easily"


History Edit Edit

Tarantula was a clone of Ryan created by The Red Skulled Android Creator. He took Ryan while in his sleep and he put his body in a cloning machine,and he decided to wonder what would happen if more spider-like attubrites were added to him. Due to this he has 6 arms and other spider-like things. He and the rest of his clone brothern and sisters are sitting in a warehouse,waiting to get out. He has the intellect of Ryan but does not have his memories. He is always in the pizzeria and he loves it there,due to Ryan's love there. He is not a security guard or a day guard but likes to fix things there,like the animatronics.

Powers Edit Edit

Superhuman Strength: Ryan/Tarantula can lift about 20 tons. He can lift a volkswagon with ease. He doesn't pull his punches so he can kill any human with one punch from any of his arms.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Tarantula has a enhanced healing factor. It is sufficiently powerful enough to recover from severe injuries from broken bones and large amounts of tissue damage in a matter of hours. During a battle with a villain called the Masked Marauder, Tarantula is rendered completely blind, however after about 1 hour his sight was perfect, albeit sensitive for about a day after.

  • Rapid Healing: Tarantula's accelerated metabolism affords him a rapid healing ability that lets him regenerate damaged bodily tissue faster and more extensively than a normal human is capable of. Injuries such as slashes or puncture wounds can heal completely within a matter of hours. It is known if Tarantula 's healing powers afford him greater resistance to toxins or diseases; nor if they grant him an extended lifespan. Tarantula's healing powers are sufficiently enhanced to regenerate severed limbs or missing organs. Although he heals at a greater rate than a normal human, he possesses a healing factor,which work in conjuction. Combined with his Superhuman Durability and Enhanced Resilience,he can survive most things.

Superhuman Durability: He has hardened tissues and skin,and breaks people's fist to punch him. He's more resistant to most type of attacks,because of his super-strong muscles.

Enhanced Resilience: Tarantula has a level of resilience far greater than most humans. He once fell off a building and effortlessly walked to a hospital, where a doctor said that with broken ribs and 10 massive fractures, it was amazing that he could even stand up.

Wallcrawling: He has advesive hairs and barbed tiny nails on his hands,which allow him to crawl on any surface easily. He can stick from any part of his body. (e.g his back)

Psychological Awareness of Environment: Perhaps as an upgrade to his spider-sense and his psychic alignment with arthropods, Tarantula received psychological awareness of his environment as a whole, allowing him to traverse across any environment without fear, even when blinded or in extremely dark conditions. Tarantula could ascertain non-threatening information, such as detecting the concealed presence of loved ones.

Biological/Organic Webbing Generation: Tarantula was also gifted with the ability to organically produce his own silk webbing from glands within his forearms, unlimited by his body's health and nutrition. These organic webs had many of the same properties as Spider-Gunner's artificial webbing, so he had no trouble utilizing them, though they required a week to decay rather than two hours. The silk was released through a spinneret near each wrist containing a central web spigot orifice used for web-slinging and drag lines, supplemented by several radial minor spigots for other types of webs connected to specialized glands.

Night Vision: Tarantula received enhanced night vision as it was added, allowing him to see in pitch-black conditions.

Stingers: Tarantula developed retractable, razor-sharp stingers that were located within his arms beneath his wrists. They released a polyamine venom, causing direct trauma and/or flaccid paralysis via interference with nerve impulse transmission. While a typical injection could paralyze a normal adult human for several hours. It may have involved mystical factors. Tarantula had subconsciously extended his stingers in response to stress later on.

Fangs: He has razor-sharp fangs that secrete poison and acid.

Contaminant Immunity: Due to his accelerated metabolism, Tarantula has a higher tolerance for drugs and diseases than normal humans, and he can recover from the effects of larger doses rapidly. During an encounter with the Swarm, Tarantula was incapacitated by thousands of bee stings, but recovered in less than 24 hours. His resistance and recovery time to other toxins and diseases varies, but is typically significantly higher than normal. Spider-Man's unique physiology even allowed him to recover from the effects of vampirism as stated by Blade, his radioactive blood will kill the enzymes responsable for his transformation and revert him to normal. Spider-Man was able to recover completely from acid being spat into his eyes by the new Vulture although the extent of the damage may have been restricted due to his superhuman durability.

Superhuman Speed: He can move at Mach 1 speeds,but can go even faster by webbing.

Superhuman Stamina: Tarantula's advanced and elastic musculature produces less fatigue toxins during physical activity than an ordinary human. This allows him to exert himself physically for much longer periods of time before fatigue begins to impair him. At his peak, Ryan/Tarantula can physically exert himself at his peak capacity for several hours before the build up of fatigue toxins in his blood begins to impair him. Several accounts depict Tarantula as able to hold his breath for ten minutes or more.

Superhuman Reflexes: Tarantula's reflexes are similarly enhanced and are currently about 100 times greater than those of an ordinary human. In combination with his spider-sense, the speed of his reflexes allows him to dodge almost any attack, or even gunfire, if he is far enough away. Spider-Man has even been shown in some cases, to be able to dodge gunfire using just his reflexes without his Spider-Sense.

Perfect Agility: Tarantula's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are all enhanced to levels that are far beyond the supernatural limits. Tarantula is perfectly and extraordinarily limber and his tendons and connective tissues are indefinite as elastic as the average human being's, despite their enhanced strength. He has the combined agility and acrobatic prowess of the most accomplished circus aerialists and acrobats. He can also perform any complicated sequence of gymnastic stunts such as flips, rolls, and springs. He can easily match or top any Olympic record at gymnastics apparatus such as flying rings, climbing ropes, horizontal bars, trampolines.

Superhuman Equilibrium: Tarantula possesses the ability to achieve a state of perfect equilibrium in any position imaginable. He seems able to adjust his position by instinct, which enables him to balance himself on virtually any object, no matter how small or narrow.

Paraphernalia Edit Edit

Vibranium Exoskeleton: The very first layer is a thick and waxy layer of vibranium,which can take alot of impact and damage. The second layer,the exocuticle is made out of Carbonanium,and finally the endocuticle is made out of true Adamantium. Due to his 3 layers,he can pratically surive anything.

Weaknesses Edit Edit

Ethyl Chloride: Perhaps as a side-effect of getting spiderly and spider-like attributes and powers,he is susceptible to the pesticide ethyl chloride. It is very rare to find now and if it gets sprayed around him,his Spider-Sense and such are disrupted.

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