Blade White

Suit and interestingly his armor is made to look like it's inside instead out of outside.

"Bang Bang! Boom Flash! Go get them brother!"

-Helping Slade

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Wade is the little brother to Slade. He was also experimented illegally on by Weapon X,but they used a inferior version of what to experiment on with Slade. Due to this Wade is slightly inferior to that of Slade but that does not mean he's useless.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Edit

Due to also being a Paranormal Terminator,he worked in the same place as Slade. Wade and Slade often worked together to stop Freddy and friends and eventually shut down and destroy the animatronics and the pizzeria all together. Wade would always distract Golden Freddy and Marionette while Slade starts bashing down on the other animatronics.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

Due to also being in the Weapon X program, he had inferior and slightly superior powers of Slade.

  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Wade possesses a superhuman healing factor derived from that of Slade that allows him to regenerate damaged or destroyed bodily tissue with far greater speed and efficiency than an ordinary human. Wade is able to heal from injuries such as slashes, puncture wounds, bullet wounds, beheading, and severe burns within moments. His healing factor is a little more powerful than Slade as he can regrow missing limbs and organs faster and was able to recover after the Spiky Thing liquidated everything from his feet up. His head or any other limb can be reattached using this ability, but has to be placed in the proper place. Even though being beheaded, Slade can still move his body normally. 
    • Foreign Chemical Resistance: Wade's body is highly resistant to most drugs and toxins. For example, it is extremely difficult, though not impossible, for him to become intoxicated. He can, however, be affected by certain drugs, such as tranquilizers, if he is exposed to a large enough dosage.
    • Disease Immunity: The unique regenerative qualities of Slade's healing factor also extend to his immune system, rendering him immune to the effects of all known diseases and infections.
    • Immortality: Slade's healing factor provides him with an extended lifespan by slowing the effects of the aging process to an unknown degree. His life span is extended to such a degree, that an alternate reality version of him was alive and still in business as a Paranormal Terminator 800 years in the future.

Possession Resistance: Wade is able to remain in control of himself while supernatural beings are trying to take control of him. During Zero's attempt to take control of him, Wade was able to fight for control of his body. Because half of his soul is owned by Satana by rules of marriage, no one can touch his soul.

  • Enhanced Intellect: Able to think 100 times faster and utilize that much more of his mind than your average human for information processing and sorting, Wade's mind is virtually a computer built for distraction and problem-solving, one that works at optimal ability even when under stress and fatigue as he apparently uses 99% of his brain (as opposed to the myth that the average human only uses around 10% of their brain). He is also ingenious in devising solutions against superior aspects of opponents, can observe and exploit, and can calculate distance, speed, and time at lightning speeds; his sense of timing is superb, bordering on perfection.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Wade possesses enhanced reflexes. The speed at which he reacts allows him to dodge fast-moving projectiles such as arrows and bullets. He can usually out-react even the fastest humans, no matter how well-trained.
  • Enhanced Speed: Ability to run at speeds of up to 100mph and long distances far out-performing any Olympic athlete.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Wade can exert himself at peak capacity greater then any human could. He can exert himself for 24 hours before fatigue toxins
  • Enhanced Strength: His entire muscular system was hardened and fortified making Deathstroke many times stronger than an average human to the point of tearing off an airplane door and twisting steel with his bare hands. He can place the this capability into his strikes, allowing him the augment the concussive force of his attacks. His strength should be sufficient enough to press about forty-five tons with relative ease.
  • Enhanced Senses: Wade's senses have been augmented to heightened levels of function. He can perceive things better than a normal human. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Enhanced Hearing
  • Enhanced Sense of Smell
  • Enhanced Vision

Abilities Edit

  • Master Martial Artist: Wade is an extraordinary hand-to-hand combatant and is a master in multiple unarmed combat techniques. He has been shown fighting such amazingly skilled fighters as Freddy Fazbear and Taskmaster and even defeating them in hand to hand combat. This shows that Deadpool himself is among the most skilled fighters in the Marvel universe, although in some fights it has been attributed to him being unpredictable because of his insanity.
  • Master Assassin: He is a master of assassination techniques, espionage methods, covert operations, infiltration methods, escape artistry, marksmanship, and is highly skilled with many bladed weapons (frequently carrying two swords strapped to his back), and a number of other weapons including firearms.

Unpredictability: It is difficult for anyone to know what Wade will do at any given moment, given that he himself barely knows what he'll do at any given moment. This makes it difficult for most opponents to predict what he will do.

Paraphernalia Edit

Equipment Edit

Carbonadium Swords: These carbonadium swords stop healing factors of others and even stop normal healing. The swords are resilient and radioactive and nearly indestructible due to being made out of Carbonadium. They cut through steel and titanium and other things with ease.

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